Malaysia police blast rape victim, deny accusations

Indonesia maids in Malaysia fear for their future ( Lumpur — Malaysia police in the northern Penang state have lashed out at a 26-year-old Indonesian woman who has accused police officers of beating and raping her on Saturday night.

Deputy Police Chief Abdul Rahim Jaafar argued that the woman was making a “false accusation meant to tarnish the image of the force.”

The woman said that police detained her into a patrol car where they attacked her and forced themselves on her.

Jaafar argued that police had carried out initial investigation, including medical examination, and found that the 26-year-old woman was not raped.

“I hereby deny the accusation as it is indeed meant to defame the Royal Malaysian Police, especially my staff in Penang.

“Based on the medical report issued by Penang Hospital, there was no sign of her having been raped or beaten,” he said here Sunday.

He continued to argue that the woman “had given too many contradictory statements, including about the exact location of the alleged incident.”

He also argued that the alleged rapists – police officers – could not be identified by the woman.

But with a growing concern among women and women’s rights activists in the country, the police argument is little more than an attempt to deflect the alleged rape and condemn the woman to even more trauma.

“Being called a liar in a rape case is a very strong accusation that we women here in Malaysia will not stand for,” Penang-based social worker Harissa Abdallah told via telephone on Sunday. She argued that many times a woman is raped the traumatic experience is so great that they do not remember all the details.

“It is the most horrific experience a woman can go through in their life and for a police deputy to lessen the incident in this way by claiming the woman is lying is part of a larger problem facing women here in Malaysia,” she added.

Sexual violence has been on the rise in Malaysia in recent months, with other police officers in Kuala Lumpur accused of raping another Indonesian woman, which has sparked protests from the Indonesia Embassy in the country over the treatment of women working in Malaysia.[]

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