Rohingya send ‘open letter’ to international community

Six international Rohingya organizations have released an open letter thanking the international community and Muslim countries for expressing solidarity and support towards Rohingya people in western Burma.

Since the outbreak of community violence in early June, the Rohingya are living in a state of jeopardy facing crimes against humanity of murder, rape, destruction of property and the grave human right violations, said the letter released on Wednesday.

“Given the extreme situation, we urge upon the international community and Muslim countries to carry on humanitarian activities,” it said.

It called for urgent humanitarian assistance in both Burma and in Bangladesh.

“Both governments are placing conditions on the delivery of aid which are not reasonable and are costing lives,” said the statement. “We call upon Muslim countries to ensure that displaced Rohingya people can return to their original villages safely and free provided them protection as needed.”

It called for Muslim countries to work for an investigation into the events that have taken place in Burma since June, and to ensure an fact-finding investigation is included in the text of the forthcoming UN General Assembly resolution on Burma, and in the text of the next United Nations Human Rights Council resolution on Burma.

It called for the removal of illegal laws in Burma that “underpin repression and help encourage, justify and promote misunderstanding and hostility against us from ordinary people in Burma.”

Pressure must be placed on the government to repeal the 1982 citizenship law, it said, in addition to building long-term communal understanding and tolerance within Burma.

“We Rohingya reject violence as a way of solving political problems. We simply want to live in peace in Burma, our homeland. We do not seek our own state, or the imposition of our religion or culture on anyone,” said the statement.

“We must all learn to live side by side, in tolerance and in peace. We appeal for international advice and support in building a process in Burma whereby we can build communal understanding and tolerance, and respect for each other.”

The open letter was signed by Burmese Rohingya Organization UK, the Burmese Rohingya Association Japan, the Burmese Rohingya Community in Australia, the Rohingya Community in Norway, the Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand and the Rohingya League for Democracy (Burma).[]

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