Banda Aceh Art’s Exhibition 2012

Banda Aceh — Aceh Arts Alliance, #ILATeam Management, Aceh Musician Organisation (Gabungan Musisi Aceh-GMA), Aceh Entertainment, Nol Teater, and Pusat Kebudayaan Aceh Turki (PuKAT) will establish a program that named with “Piasan Sini Banda Aceh 2012” on November 28 until December 2 at Taman Sari Banda Aceh. The program is supported by Banda Aceh City Government through Banda Aceh Tourism and Culture Department.

Piasa Seni Banda Aceh 2012 (Banda Aceh Art’s exhibition) is one of art activities that give chance to appreciate art from many artists and educate art for art lovers. It becomes one of ways to promote art as well.

There are six programs that will be held for five days, include: Art exhibition, Live entertainment, Art workshop, Art talk show, Art performance and Various contest.

This program has a tagline – “We are art human, we are belonging to express it, we unite for achieving the developed and dignified art climate”. By the tagline, it is expected that healthy social interaction between all artists will give good synergy in order to minimize the differences between them in the future.

It is a big expectation if Piasan Seni Banda Aceh 2012 can be an annually program – program that has international standard in the future.

We realize that not all art elements would be accommodated in Piasan Seni Banda Aceh 2012, however, we believe that this program will continuously develop in the future. Furthermore, it would widely approach the other art elements.[]


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