Cut Niken launched new music video Prang Sabi

  • Cut Niken launched new music video Prang Sabi

After processing and taking some scenes of the video, finally Cut Niken’s new single-prang sabi is released and the music video is launched a few days ago.

“Lauching of my music video in Ramadan that working with youth of Aceh, was an interested experience,” Niken said.

Niken said to, There are a lot of new experiences when making of the music video moreover it is launched in Ramadan, although it was out of schedule. Besides, she can share ideas with ILATeam Management, Niken also share her creativities for recycling of the Aceh’s musics.

The music video which tastes ethnic and religious, described about the spirit of battle when colonization and taking some historic sites in Banda Aceh.

Niken was satisfied, she expects the Acehnese can accept and enjoy her song. “It was the result of our hard work with @iloveaceh team (ILATeam Management) and IMM,” Niken said who owner of account @CNNiken.

Prang Sabi is created by cleric large Tgk Chik Pante Kulu, the music and lyrics were rearrangement in order to be an easy listening music that can be enjoyed by all of people who love Aceh music.

For watching of the music video Prang sabi – Cut Niken via Youtube on official @iloveaceh or click[]

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