#2612CareDay – The Moment to Give Thanks to the World

Logo Care Day 2014Commemoration of a decade Aceh Tsunami disaster which occurred on Dec, 26th 2004, cross communities voluntarily to move, complete, and share in togetherness by conducting an event “Care Day”.

Care day is known by hashtag #2612CareDay. It means the appreciation for the volunteers and the world who have contributed and helped Aceh after giant earthquake and devastated tsunami attacked. This is the first step and reflection moment to concern about together awareness to give thanks to the world and the volunteers.

This commemoration is not only held on this year but also could be an annual event which can show that we have ever been in the same position. #2612CareDay as the moment that can evoke the togetherness spirit and community cohesiveness in the whole of society across the world.

This event have some agendas such as Tsunami Reflection Track, Give Thanks to The World/Highest Tribute to Volunteers and Appreciation from Cross Community to The World.

The content of the event are, 1) Tsunami reflection track – a simple parade that would be going on several points by wearing attribute from each community. Senior High School would show the Care Day message and give the gift (such as ribbon (pin), paper flower, brochure and etc.) and also give some flags of donor countries. 2) The parade will be started from Bbaiturrahman mosque to Tsunami Museum and will be ended at Thanks to The World Aceh Monument.

3) The Continuation of tsunami reflection tract will end up in the mosque Baiturrahim, 4) Using hashtag #2612CareDay before and until the 10th Aceh Tsunami Commemoration event on December 25-28th 2014, 5) Playing a short video “Thank You to the World” in various languages for 5 minutes and showing the photos based on the event theme at art appreciation night on 10th Aceh Tsunami Commemoration, 6) Placing tsunami museum, Baiturrahman Mosque, and Blang Padang as center point of giving the symbolic message about Care Day and commemoration for the public, and 7) The participant give their signatures on a banner.

Information Care Day activities can be viewed in Twitter hashtag #2612CareDay or contact us at Aini 085277433429. (Dara)

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