Music: Aceh Lon Sayang in Style of Keroncong

Tereza_Solo 10FOR You who enjoy keroncong music may already be familiar with La Paloma? Yup, a Keroncong orchestra music group from Padang, is already widely known throughout Indonesia and had ever held a roadshow to Aceh a few years ago.

The music group which pioneered by the Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI) of Padang Panjang West Sumatra is also once sang Aceh Lon Sayang.

However, that is not less interesting, the song written by T. legend Johan and Anzib Lamnyong also tried re-arrangement by a musician and youtuber from Aceh, Tereza.

“It’s a challenge for me to sing this song with “Meudhok” accent, this concept was in the style of Kroncong,” said Tereza while shooting the music video a few days ago.

Tereza hope, by Aceh Lon Sayang song could re-awaken his enthusiasm for being more creative and certainly a motivation for young musicians in Aceh to be more productive.[]

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