Singaporean Indian climber dies in Indonesia

Mount Batur Bali, Volcano Climbing ( Indian-origin tourist from Singapore, said to have a history of heart ailment, died while climbing a mountain on Indonesia’s Bali island, media reports said.

Suresh Perumal Ramaswamy, 40, died yesterday when the group he was travelling with reached a height of 500 metres above sea level on Mount Batur.

“He had just climbed some 1.5 kilometers when he suddenly was unwell and could not be saved,” said Jero Mukun, one of the two guides who took Ramaswamy and five other Singaporeans up the volcano.

The group left from Pura Jati on the southern slope of Mount Batur, which stands 1,717 metres above sea level, according to a report by the Jakarta Globe.

A joint team from the local police and Bali’s search and rescue agency brought the body down amid heavy rains and carried it to a hospital in Denpasar, said the report.

Commander Ketut Wida, who heads the Kintamani subdistrict police, said the victim appeared to have died of fatigue.

“The victim is also said to have a history of heart problems,” the Jakarta Globe quoted Wida as saying.

Wida said the climbing path taken by the group was the official route, but he also regretted that some trekkers had decided to tackle the mountain despite the inclement weather.

Ramaswamy was believed to be a Singapore permanent resident, according to a report by The Straits Times.[]

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