Indonesian Labors to take to streets on May 1

Ilustrated Indonesian Labors, May Day 2013 (

Ilustrated Indonesian Labors, May Day 2013 (

Labors in Jakarta and other parts of Indonesia would stage rallies on May 1st, the World’s Labor Day, top official of the labor union said here on Monday, though the government has been ready to respond on their demands.

Andi Gani Nena Wea, president of Indonesian Labor Union Confederation (KSPI) said that as many as 200,000 labors would take to streets in Jakarta on May Day to express their demands.

“We will still take to streets on May 1st,” Nena Wea told a joint press conference at the State Palace after meeting Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

The president stressed that the demonstrators should not be involved in anarchy and convey their messages peacefully, Indonesian Labor Minister Muhaimin Iskandar said after the meeting.

The protest in Jakarta would also be followed by labors in other parts of the archipelago country, said Nena Wea.

“In Jakarta, we will deploy over 200,000 labors, …as many as 8 million labors will take part in the rallies in other parts of the country,” he told Xinhua.

Among the labor demands was rejecting the delay on implementation of new minimum wage.

The government has approved a new minimum wage standard nationwide, which is poised to be raised by up to 44 percent. But labor-intensive firms have tended to delay the implementation, which was originally scheduled to start from January 1, 2013.[]


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