Aceh as Indonesia’s New World’s Best Halal Cultural Destination

memperkenalkan-aceh-di-pata-travel-mart-2016_5By Rahmadhani, M.Bus

ACEH with its unique diverse culture and distinct ethnic groups has been known worldwide with its long history and glorious Islamic culture. The exotic beauty of nature with its splendid underwater attractions will provide a value addition to Aceh as a potential tourism destination.

Post Aceh’s Reconstruction of Tsunami event, Aceh tourism industry started to develop and generate significant income for the locals. Many tourism-based industries are so far established and carried out by the locals, especially by youngsters with their grown entrepreneurship in the hospitality industries.

Having all endowments of nature and culture, the Aceh Government in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism and other stakeholders are committed to promoting Aceh as an halal-based tourism destination as a new niche in the tourism market supported with Aceh’s newly designed tourism branding “The Light of Aceh” or “Cahaya Aceh”.

The branding is philosophically meant a reflection of the spirit of the people of Aceh to be united through the Islamic sharia as rahmatan lil ‘alamiin that brings blessings and prosperity to all the rest of universe.

As an halal tourism destination, Aceh is ready to welcome all tourists with Muslim friendly tourism products or services. In other words, all tourism-based products and services are provided according to tourists’ needs and expectations based on Islamic rules and regulations or “sharia”, for instance, providing halal food hygienically and easy access to facilities for Islamic prayers purposes and other activities.

Sharia law, which is being applied in Aceh has become a civic pride and spirit for the locals and will not be a “stumbling block” in convincingly promoting Aceh as an halal tourism destination. Otherwise, it will be another interesting tourist attraction that will add values to Islamic-based tourism we are promoting, while enjoying and experiencing local wisdom and Islamic life among the locals.

Aceh has been nominated as the “World’s Best Halal Cultural Destination. To win it, all is kindly encouraged to vote online with the following link

Director of Marketing Department of Aceh Culture and Tourism, Indonesia

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