Triangle Still Manages Pase Block in Aceh

Jakarta — Triangle Pase Inc, an Australian oil and gas company, is still has a rights to manage Pase Block located in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province, as there is not yet an agreement among Aceh people.

Directorate General of Oil and Mineral Resources Ministry Evita Legowo said that until now there has not yet determined the new operator. However, Triangle activities in the region as the block operator has been long enough and it cannot be dismissed offhand. Thus, according to Evita the activity of the company is not illegal.

“It is not a robbery on the Indonesia’s assets. We cannot be stopped just like that. We have not yet determined the new operator, as we are waiting for the agreement from Aceh,” she said yesterday (9/16/2012)

In line with Evita, Deputy Operations of BP Migas said Gde Pradnyana said that until today there has been no agreement between the parties in Aceh, which is between local government and local legislatures, about the next operator of the block.

“So while waiting for the agreement, then temporarily the management of Pase Block will be executed by the existing operator. However, it is a proposal from BP Migas, I do not know if the proposal is approved or not by the government?,” she said.

Earlier, Head of House of Representatives for East Aceh Regency Tengku Alauddin with some residents visited the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in Jakarta on Friday (14/9) to express their aspirations to the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Jero Wacik.

According Alauddin, since February 2012 the contract of Triangle Pase Inc has ended but it is still exploiting gas in Aceh. He asked the management of the block to be returned back to the people and government of Aceh.

“Until now Triangle is still investing gas in there. Even though, the contract has ended in February. On the other hand as long as the company began its operation in Aceh since 2009, there is not a single CSR was done for the people in Aceh,” he said.

Alauddin said that currently local companies, such as Pase Energy and PT Artha Jaya Energy are ready to manage the block. The block currently produces gas around 2-9 million cubic feet of gas per day (MMscfd) supplied to the Arun LNG plant.

Triangle Pase Inc is a subsidiary of Triangle Energy (Global) Limited, which claims to have a 100% participating interest in Pase Block covering an area of 922 km2 in the province of Aceh. The gas block was acquired in June 2009 from ExxonMobil which previously managed the block since 1981.[]

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