Tori, quits cigarettes upon birth of baby ‘Jokowi’

Solo — The smoking orangutan kicked the habit just in time to welcome her baby ape into the world.

Tori, 15, gave birth to a cute orangutan on Wednesday at the Taru Jurug Zoo in Solo, Indonesia. The zoo named the baby Jokowi after Joko Widodo, the mayor of the central Javanese city.

In July, zookeepers moved Tori and her partner, Didik, 20, to a small island away from visitors. Zoo patrons have enabled her habit for the past decade by tossing cigarettes into her open cage, reported the Jakarta Globe.

Tori gained fame after she started mimicking human smokers. She would nonchalantly hold cigarettes between her fingers, puff smoke and flick ashes just like person as tourists’ flashbulbs went off.

Tori was not the world’s only smoking monkey, but she was the most famous, according to The Guardian. “It happens all the time. [In Tori’s case], people will throw cigarettes in, watch her smoke, start laughing and take pictures,” Hardi Baktiantoro of the Centre for Orangutan Protection once said.

Zookeepers angered Tori with previous attempts to lure her from cigarettes, but now she appears to enjoy her new smoke-free habitat, said zoo director Lilik Kristanto.

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Kristanto also noted that despite being born in captivity, Tori gave birth without veterinarian assistance and her natural mothering instincts are intact.

“Being delivered in a zoo,” Kristanto said, “Tori is not really skillful in climbing trees. It is surprising that she still has natural instincts just like other normal orangutans. She’s a good mother.”

Zoo staffers still do not know Jokowi’s sex because of Tori’s attentiveness.

Jokowi’s birth is the zoo’s first since Tori’s, reported the Bangkok Post. Zookeepers hope that there be more because the species is critically endangered.[]

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