Govt Employees and Journalists Collectively Wear Batik

Jakarta — The National Batik Day commemorated every October 2 is welcomed by West Jakarta citizens by wearing batik attire which was acknowledged by world cultural agency, UNESCO. From governmental employees until journalists are proud to wear batik which is one of Indonesia`s cultural riches.

Batik wearing in West Jakarta Administrative Government has made the sight at the office a bit different than usual. Moreover, the variation in color and batik motive further enlivened the office`s atmosphere.

Feri (50) an employee of West Jakarta Operation Administration, who wear a short-sleeve batik shirt with a flower motive said usually all apparatuses of West Jakarta Administrative Government Office wear brown uniform on this day. Yet, due to superior`s instruction, all the employees wear batik voluntarily.

“Batik is one of Indonesia`s cultural riches. We are wearing batik on superior`s order to commemorate National Batik Day,” stated Feri, Tuesday (10/2).

Sherly Damanik (36), an employee of West Jakarta Tourism Sub Department, uttered the red Pekalongan batik with branch motive she wear has made her confident and proud.

Wawan (47) an employee of West Jakarta Cultural Sub Department, also wear brick-colored batik with animal motive. Aside from the governmental employees themselves, citizens who came to handle governmental matters and journalists on duty in that region also wear batik. “As Indonesians, we must be proud in wearing batik. Therefore, I participated in preserving the cultural riches by wearing batik as well,” finished Windoro, one of the journalists of a national daily newspaper.[]

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