Social Media Interruptions Cost The U.S. Economy $650 Billion Annually

About a year ago a prominent French CEO drew the ire of many corporate pundits when he banned email from being used in his company. Much of the backlash was based on a lack of understanding on the impact of email and social media on the workplace.

The French CEO may just have been onto something because social media may be next in line for a ban in the workplace after a recent study. The study which was conducted by Red eApp, a company that lets consumers get notifications from businesses without having to surrender much of their personal information, suggests that social media and email may be stifling worker productivity.

According to Red eApp, Facebook, Twitter and email are major culprits when it comes to distractions at work and once they take hold of workers, the time it takes for them to get back into a ‘working groove’ is so long that it costs a company dearly. The study found that on average, a worker is disturbed every 10.5 minutes by social media and 28% of the working day is spent on interruptions and recovery time. But if that wasn’t bad enough, Red eApp found that more than 40% of disrupted tasks were not immediately resumed. Talk about a lack of productivity.

All in all the study concluded that in total the invasion by social media into the working lives of Americans cost the American economy over $650 billion annually. Facebook of course is fast becoming a monster that gobbles up time and the average user spends 405 minutes on the social networking site. Twitter may not get the same level of activity but it is still a time-hog, gobbling up 89 minutes of the average user’s time.

Clearly employers and employees are still busy finding a way to make social media and email work for the benefit of an organization and not against it. The battle to get things right will almost certainly continue in the coming years.[]

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