International Tsunami Games 2012 will be held in Aceh

Banda Aceh — Head of Sport Department in Aceh Youth Service and Sports Department – Nuzuli Ms (old department head) said that international event – Tsunami Games 2012 will be held in Aceh, next December.

“Earthquake and tsunami disaster that had happened in Aceh on December 26, 2004 had destructed all facilities infrastructure in Aceh. The tragedy happened in several neighborhood countries such as Malaysia , Thailand , Srilanka , India and Suriname, furthermore, Madagascar happened it as well. In order to make good friendship between athletes who suffer the tsunami disaster, thus, it’s a right time to unite all athletes in big event like International Tsunami Games in Aceh,” he said as reported by on Sunday 23 at International Tsunami Games website.

Because of that reason and according on no event which has international standard that take place in Aceh before, it will be properly held in Aceh. “That moment is greatly proper, because no international event ever take place in Aceh yet,” he wrote.

One of events like Aceh Marathon 2012 will give us good advantageous. Beside as one of sport activities, it will be a good way to promote Aceh Tourism in the world to make Visit Aceh 2012 program successful.

The program that fulfilled by marathon is predicted that about a thousand runners from several countries will join this part. In addition, marathon categories include several parts such as half marathon (21.0975 km), short marathon (10 K), children’s sprint and general category.

This event is supported by Aceh Government, Aceh Youth Service and Sports Department and Aceh Marathon Organization. For everyone who want to know about the full information, you can contact email at or +62821 6334 7349, Mr. Ibrahim as organizer.[]

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