The Delicacy of Mie Aceh in Meruya

Jakarta — Besides rice, noodle is second food that always served for Indonesian people. No wonder, a variety of processed noodles has become a common feature at several regions in Indonesia. One of them is ‘Mie Aceh’ which is the famous food from Aceh. To all of you who like this food, you can visit to Mie Aceh Sabang on Jl. Meruya Ilir No. 33 C and Jl. Anggrek Garuda, Kemanggisan, West Jakarta, which is famous for spices from Mecca Veranda.

The stall is quite famous among the culinary connoisseur. The taste and its presentation makes the customers become addicted. The stall itself has wide of 10×5 meters decorated with the ornaments of Acehnese culture. Hashim (34), the owner, has been selling since from12 years ago. The stall`s operate from 11 AM to 11 PM. Hasyim`s mie aceh is one of a kind since made up from natural ingredients and free from preservatives. ”The noodles process is made from crude ingredients which takes time until 2 hours,” said Hashim, Tuesday (11/20).

Each day, Hashim spends 25 kilograms of yellow noodles and noodles ingredients. He intentionally limits the amount of noodles to make sure it is completely spent in one day. This is because the noodles would not taste as good if it is more than a day old. “If the noodles are not completely spent in a day, it will be thrown away or cooked to be eaten by us and the employees,” he stated.

In serving the dishes, Hashim add his own mix of traditional spices which come directly from Aceh such as coriander, cumin, cloves, pepper, cinnamon and other secret spices. By using the spices mixture, Hashim`s dish has a deep aroma which stimulate the mouth to devour it completely. Moreover, the meat bits are copious, complemented with emping (fennel seed crackers) and pickled vegetables which make the taste even more special. “I got the recipe from my parents. There are at least 15 spices in the mixture I concocted,” he told.

Talk about the price, the customer only pays Rp 13 thousand for a bowl of fried noodles, fried rice Rp 13,000, as well as seafood noodles and nasi goring kambing (fried rice with goat meat) Rp 20 thousand. In addition, you can also order other foods, such as martabak kari kambing (a large omelet filled with chopped goat meat and vegetables served with mutton curry) and roti cane (traditional Indian bread) at the price of Rp 10 thousand. Then for drinks, timun serut (grated cucumber ice) at the price of Rp 6 thousand and teh tarik (sweetened milk tea elaborately strained between two vessels) Rp 8 thousand.

To serve the customers, Hashim has help from 7 servers which could serve as many as 300 servings of the noodle dish with the profit earnings amounted to5 million each day.“We also receive order as a catering in an event,” he finished.

Roby, (32), one of customers at Mie Aceh Sabang admitted, he is very often coming and eating at Hashim’s stall when he got home from work at Meruya. “I don’t have to go home, because the foods here like my parents’ cooking in Aceh,” he told.[]

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