Indonesia extends, ramps up security operation in Poso

An Indonesian Mobile Brigade policeman surveys with his rifle while guarding his headquarters in Poso, central Sulawesi on December 21st. Police said they will extend their security operation, named Kendali Maleo, for two more months while the threat of terrorism still looms. (Ola Gondronk/AFP)Poso — Police in Central Sulawesi are extending their security operation, dubbed Kendali Maleo, for two more months in Poso, saying the area is still considered vulnerable to attacks by armed civilian groups, local media reported.

The chief of police in Central Sulawesi said the operation will continue two months past its December expiration date.

Antara reported that Kendali Maleo began in October after two Indonesian police officers were found murdered in Tamanjeka village in the region of Gunung Biru.

The operation currently involves 1,200 personnel from the Indonesian Police and Indonesian Army, but the number is growing.

“We have asked for two additional company-sized units or around 200 personnel from the National Police to secure the regency,” Central Sulawesi Police Chief Dewa Parsana said on Tuesday, according to the Jakarta Post.

He added that since the security operation began, police have nabbed 16 people allegedly involved in the Tamanjeka murder and a December 20th attack that killed four officers and injured two others. All of the suspects have been handed over to the National Police for further investigation.[]

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