Profit Sharing of Oil Mining, IDR 827 billion for Aceh and IDR 415 billion for West Papua

oil and gasMinister of Finance has issued Minister of Finance Regulation (PMK) Number 21/PMK.07/2013 about Additional Allocation for Profit Sharing of Oil and Gas Mining Resources (DBH SDA Migas) for Aceh Province and PMK No. 22/PMK.07/2013 for West Papua Province.

Based on both PMK, Aceh will receive IDR 827,361,254,000.- of DBH SDA Migas and West Papua will receive IDR 415,619,459,000.-.

“The profit sharing in Aceh and West Papua in order to special autonomy, distributed in trimester”, Head of Communication and Information Services Yudi Pramadi said, on press conference Monday (25/2).

IDR 32.139 Trillion

The amount of DBH SDA Migas for other areas outside Aceh and West Papua, according to Yudi, totalling IDR 32.139 trillion. Profit Sharing of General Mining Resources (DBH SDA Pertambangan Umum) reaches IDR 12.925 trillion.
Yudi does not specify the amount of both DBH SDA Migas and Pertambangan Umum for areas outside Aceh and West Papua, but the distributions will do in trimester.

“For the first and second trimesters will be distributed 20% each and for the next distribution will be calculated with the revenue realizations of DBH SDA Migas and DBH SDA Pertambangan Umum” Yudi said.

The distributions based on a calculation through data reconsiliation mechanisms between government and producer areas.[]

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