Indonesia has halal beef export potential

halal-beef ( Trade Minister Bayu Krisnamurthi said Indonesia has the potential of beef export with halal certificate by utilizing the community in the Aceh region.

“We have the potential for export, particularly for halal beef by utilizing our society who are in the Veranda of Mecca (Aceh),” said Bayu, while giving a speech at Seminar on “Beef Imports: Quota Issues Under the WTO,” in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Bayu said that each year the need for halal beef in Mecca reached four million tons, and it is an opportunity that is promising if the potential can be explored and developed.

“Besides processed beef products can also be exported to Bangladesh, India, or Burma, it is a tremendous opportunity,” said Bayu.

Although the halal beef export market is very large, in fact some time ago the price of beef in the traditional market shot up to Rp.95.000 per kilogram and the government continues its efforts to increase the supply in order to stabilize prices in the range of Rp75.000 per kilogram.

Ministry of Trade has stated that the price of beef meat in the traditional markets is gradually decreasing.

Beef price that was in the range of Rp95.000 to Rp100,000 per kilogram, has declined to less than Rp90,000 per kilogram.

The government itself has commissioned the National Logistics Agency (Bulog) to focus on beef price stabilization ahead of the coming month of Ramadan in July by granting the 3.000 tonnes beef import quota.

Beef import quotas for the year 2013 is 80,000 tons which consist of 32,000 tons of frozen beef, and 267,000 of live feeder cattle or equivalent to 48,000 tons of beef.[]

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