Festival of Art ‘Piasan Seni’ Banda Aceh 2013

Piasan Seni Banda Aceh 2013Festival of art ‘piasan seni’ is a series of art activities that especially give a space promotion, artworks appreciation and education for artists, art workers and the other arts enthusiasts. And the other hand also direct interim promotion for good invesment for art workers for sustainability and independence of the artworks in the future

Festival of art Banda Aceh 2013 take a theme “Silaturrahmi”. As usual, great hope in festival of art Banda Aceh 2013 this time so that people can recognize directly the various activities, community and the works of human art in Banda Aceh particularly.

Therefore we expect the role of the news media such as print media, digital media, television, radio and other new media in order to become a bridge directly to the promotion of the interim preaching every event in festival of arts content, especially news about art, artists, community arts and other arts profile.

“Do not introduce the festival of arts, but write the profiles involved in festival of art,” said Mahrisal a music artist in the city of Banda Aceh.

We are aware that the event festival of art Banda Aceh 2013 is still very young and small scope of the activities, but we are confident that the milestones that have been planted will continue to grow and could reach wider than any existing art element, so that the ideals of artistic achievement and dignity are advanced can be realized with certainty, Aamin.

The festival of art Banda Aceh 2013 is fully supported by the city government of Banda Aceh through the Department of culture and tourism of Banda Aceh.[Dayat]

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