Indonesia in no hurry to revive Malacca-Dumai bridge project

bridgemapdumaiIndonesia is in no hurry to revive the Malacca-Dumai Bridge project across the Straits of Melaka, although Malaysia is keen for its revival.

The project has been put on hold since the Asian financial crisis in 1998.

Indonesian Public Works Ministry director-general for highways, Djoko Murjanto said the ministry, together with relevant ministries and departments, such as the foreign ministry and the National Counterterrorism Agency, would need to comprehensively study the prospects for the bridge and its benefits for Indonesia.

“We understand that this project is important to strengthen connectivity across Asean, particularly between Indonesia and Malaysia. But, we have to be fully prepared in terms of infrastructure, safety and security before this bridge is constructed, as it will connect our country to the whole of Asia, not only Malaysia,” Djoko said as reported by English daily The Jakarta Post.

He said Indonesia was not rushing the project as it had not seen any urgency for it.

The idea of building a bridge between the two countries was first mooted in 1996 by former Malaysian prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad when he met Indonesia’s then-president Suharto, in Kuala Lumpur.[]


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