Cut Niken Exposes The Concept of Prang Sabi Video Clips

Cut Niken saat pengambilan gambar di Rumoh AcehAfter relesead a new single – Prang Sabi on mid-March, Cut Niken has made a video clip that had been taken on May, 24 – 25.

The shooting was successfully conducting in two days, it is located in several places in Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar. These places were chosen because of its historical value that really connected with the Prang Sabi lyrics.

“The video clip concept is certainly remind about the sprit of jihad fi sabilillah, especially about the lyrics and its historical literature,” Niken said.

She added that the concept and the theme of Prang Sabi that used aceh language is purposed to raise Aceh’s history in the past. We expect that this song will increase the spirit of young generation in Aceh to emerge the spirit like our former, Niken said, who was recently nominated for one of nominess of AMI (Anugerah Musik Indonesia) Awards.

About the costume, Niken explained that she merely wore the costume which match with the concept and keep to show the spirit of Acehnese women in the past.

“We just wore two costume, the black and the white one with the veil that described the power and purity of Acehnese women in past,” she said.

In this video clip’s producing, Niken has a project with @iloveaceh (ILATeam Management) -one of community in Aceh, which has contribute in sosial media- and IMM (Informatics Movie Maker).

“Both of the community are active in social media networking whether online network or offline network for totally wxploring about culture and tradition in Aceh,” admitted by the owner of twitter account @CNNiken.

The video clip will launch on this mid-june. However, for everyone who want to listen the full version of her single, you can visit the soundcloud network and it also available as RBT, activate it by typing PSBBO and send to 1212 (Telkomsel).

Niken expects that her song can be accepted in Aceh, especially in all societies. “Hopefully, that Prang Sabi’s song enhance the spirit of our pathway in jihad for Allah SWT,” she hoped.[]