Bill Clinton visit expected to give positive impact for Aceh

Bill Clinton with Kuntoro Mangkusubroto. (voaindonesia)

Bill Clinton with Kuntoro Mangkusubroto. (voaindonesia)

Banda Aceh (antaranews) – Aceh Governor Zaini Abdullah said the visit of former United States President Bill Clinton to Aceh will have a positive impact on the western Indonesian province.

“We expect a positive impact on Aceh after the visit by the former President of the United States,” Aceh Governor Abdullah Zaini said here on Saturday.

The statement was delivered by the Aceh Governor on the sidelines of Bill Clinton touring the tsunami site in Banda Aceh.

The governor remarked that he sought to explain the present situation in Aceh, adding that Clinton was impressed by the development and recovery following the devastating 2004 tsunami.

“Clinton remembered visiting Aceh in 2005. His memory was so strong concerning the conditions in Aceh. He was surprised to see the development in Aceh,” he noted.

However, the Aceh government still hopes for the support of all parties, including Bill Clinton. And Bill Clinton is expected to convey a positive image to the world about Aceh.

“From his statement, Bill Clinton expressed his commitment to Aceh. We also hope that the former President United States will help Aceh through the Bill Clinton Foundation,” he emphasized.

Previously, Bill Clinton took time to visit the former homes that were wracked by the tsunami and the rescue headquarters in Gampong Lambung, Meuraxa subdistrict, Banda Aceh.

During his visit, Bill Clinton did not offer any statements to the press.

The arrival of the former President of the United States was welcomed by Malik Mahmud and the Presidential Working Unit for the Supervision and Management of Development (UKP4) head Kuntoro Mangkusubroto.

Kuntoro was the former Director of the Agency for the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Aceh and Nias. BRR is an implementing agency assigned to restore Aceh and Nias.[]

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