Illiza declared pious teenager of Banda Aceh

Banda Aceh – Deputy Mayor of Banda Aceh – Hj Illiza Sa’aduddin Djamal SE engaged senior high school students in Banda Aceh to declare their selves to be pious teenagers of Banda Aceh. She stated it when Islamic discussion program in Banda Aceh city government’s hall that attended by students on Sunday (30th/07).

Hundreds of student who attended directly responded Illiza’s statement. “Alhamdulillah that students are agree to be pious teenager, it means that Banda Aceh city government  as madani city model  is highly relevant with students’ spirit of change,” Illiza said.

She also said that Banda Aceh city government desires that young people will have religious motivation and good behavior in next five years.

“It is no doubt that students’ youth is full of happiness and fineness but it must be covered with Islamic law. Thus, city government will immediately objectify ‘night time’ program for students,” she hoped.

In addition, Muharrir Asy’ari – Rector of Muhammadiyah University in Banda Aceh in his lecture with title ‘Sincerely get forgiveness from Allah’ said that there are two mistake that done by human; vertical mistake and horizontal mistake.

The Vertical mistake is the mistake that human did towards Allah such as leave prayer, alms and so on. While the horizontal mistake is the mistake that human did towards other human such as lying, stealing and so on.

After explain the Islamic lecture about repentance and its problems, the program is continued by discussion that hosted by Ridwan from Islamic Law Department. The program is also attended by teachers and several staff from Banda Aceh city government.[]

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