Here it is: “Geumpa” – Android application for earthquake detection

Jakarta – Talking about earthquake, we almost perceive it in every month. Starting from western until eastern of Indonesia, natural phenomena – earthquake happens frequently.

Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Official which is the only one of earthquake information headquarter in Indonesia has showed its integrity in sharing the earthquake information through social network. And now, new application – earthquake detection has presented and easy to find it.

For instance, ‘Geumpa’ (earthquake. red) application that is developed as Android operation system can be one of choice to know when the earthquake will happen. The word of ‘geumpa’ is from Acehnese language, this application is introduced by one of alumni from Politeknik Aceh – Ilham Zulfikri, he developed it early in 2011.

“This application was developed early in 2011 and finished in June 2011,” Ilham explained last night, Monday (30th/07).

He also added that initially, his idea to create ‘Geumpa’ application is just because his destination to share earthquake information properly and simply. In coincidentally, the application is an object for his final assignment as requirement to finish his study at Politeknik Aceh.

“The application that I had developed is actually my object for final assignment in campus,” Ilham explained – who also active as a blogger.

It is not merely for this time, this application for Android which created by aneuk nanggroe (country boy. red) will be keep on developed either its interface or its program.

‘Geumpa’ Application Description

This application is expected to be one of alternative choices that can be operated on Android software, especially for Android consumers in Indonesia. The following descriptions about ‘Geumpa’ application are:

  • It had been updated in version 1.1
  • It is minimally can be operated on OS Android 2.2 (Froyo).
  • The showed feature is the newest earthquake information in Richter scale that supported by earthquake coordinate, earthquake strength in Mercalli Intensity scale and the epicenter map.
  • Earthquake information can also be shared to other applications such as converter in message form (SMS), e-mail, Facebook, and Whatsapp application and others.

Is anyone interesting to try it? Now, ‘Geumpa’ application is available in Google Play and Android consumers can download it for free.[]

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