Recipe: ‘Boh rom-rom’ as break fasting dish in Ramadan

It is small and round, and it covered by grated coconut and it contains of sugar. That was an flash how one of cake looks is.

Well, for several Aceh people – it is well known as ‘boh rom-rom’ and others called it ‘boh meucroet’ as well.

This cake is somewhat funny and cute because it has a unique name like that had mentioned above. Some called it ‘boh duek beudeh’ as well. How different, isn’t?

‘Boh rom-rom’ is not certainly a rare meal – this small cake is one of complement dish as snacks and we can find it in Aceh. Just merely in Aceh.

Especially in the holy month Ramadan, boh rom-rom is the most popular dish for break fasting menu. It tastes really sweet because of palm sugar that mixes with grated coconut. It has a sensation in our tongue when we eat it, moreover, when palm sugar melted. It is really felt in our tongue.

So here we are, let’s see what kind of ingredients that we can use to make this cute cake for break fasting menu. The following is its recipe:


  • 500 gram of glutinous rice flour
  • ½ tablespoon of salt
  • 100 ml of hot water
  • 80 ml cold water
  • Water for boil it, to taste
  • 100 gram of palm sugar that roughly grated
  • 2 leaves of pandan leaves

The way to make it:

  • Mix the glutinous rice flour, salt and hot water. Stir until evenly mixed.
  • Pour cold water gradually and stir it until dulled.
  • Heat water to boil and add the pandan leaves.
  • Take a spoon of dough and make it a round and fill it with palm sugar.
  • Put the round dough into boiled water, cook it until floated and cooked.
  • Then, remove it and roll it on grated coconut.
  • It can be served now.

It is easy and simple, isn’t? That is boh rom rom recipe that we can serve for break fasting dish and snack that can be enjoyed with family. Good luck![]

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