Free android application tend to plow mobile phone

Jakarta – User habit of Android mobile is like to download free application, consequently, it caused piracy on their mobile. It is explained by Smartphone security company – Lookout.

Director of Lookout Engineering – Kevin Mahaffey said that about 5% of all free applications have spam alert which can spread private information to third-side, as cited by CNET.

The company which located in San Francisco develops applications which scan other applications and notify Smartphone user about malicious applications.

“Android operating system is Wild West and either its good side or its bad said at once present,” CNET said.

The good side of Android are the sincerely development of creative application and the operation system which has great innovation.

The bad side of Android is lack of security when it is faced toward the advertiser. Consequently, the application can download by itself to mobile or false message which appear as short message or advertisement which appear by itself on screen even though the application is not active.

In addition, the bad side cause dangerous software – Malware which can steal information from mobile such as user location, banking information, and it will send it to Malware creature.

Being compared with Android, download website of Apple application or App Store have strict rules by limiting what application developer can get from advert. According to CNET, it means that applications in App Store are limited.[]

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