Malaysia tourists dominate to visit Aceh

Banda Aceh – Malaysia tourist ranked the first rank of tourists who are visiting Aceh. Last year, it is registered that more than 18 thousand tourists from neighboring country who visit to Mecca Porch. It’s all about that said by Head of Aceh Culture and Tourism Department – Prof Jasman J Ma’ruf on Monday, 30 July.

Overall, foreign tourist who visits Aceh is increasing by 23 thousands; more than 70 percents of them are Malaysia tourists who come to Mecca Porch to implement the observance and to pilgrim the theologians’ cemetery.

Raya Baiturrahaman Mosque that located in Banda Aceh downtown is the main place where tourists want to visit, Jasman said. Besides Raya Baiturrahman Mosque, in Ule Lheu seashore – they also visit Syiah Kuala tomb – Syeh Abdur Raud As Singkily who had been buried there.

Jasman stated that Aceh has many Islam History places such as Tgk. Anjong Old Mosque in Samalanga and theologians’ cemetery like Syekh Hamzah Fansury in Pancu Hills – Peukan Bada.

Malaysia tourists felt comfortable when they prayed in Aceh. They are more sincerely fasting and taking obligatory prayer or taraweh prayer in Raya Baturrahman Mosque – Banda Aceh.

Tourists who come to Aceh can enjoy the Aceh people traditional life in Leubok Sukon village as well.  They can stay and do some activities with local in natural life.[]

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