Aceh artists stage performances for Japan

Banda Aceh – A number of Aceh senior artists held a variety of art performances in Banda Aceh on Sunday night to express condolences over the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, a member of the organizing committee, Fikar W Eda said here Monday.

“This activity is not planned before, but this is a manifestation of the artists who are sorry about the disaster that hit Japan,” Fikar added.

The event was also held to the Tangse people, Pidie district, Aceh province, who suffered from massive flooding which occurred several days ago.
The expression of sympathy was reflected in the various lyrics of poems, ratoh (Aceh poem) and Simeulu-language songs, which told the magnitude of the wave that came and hit the human life, and became a living experience for the people in Simeulu islands, Aceh.

“Simeulue is the only area which has local wisdom and learning about tsunami for its people, so that when tsunami hit Aceh in 2004, almost no victim was found,” Yoppi Simeulu, an artist from Simeulu district noted.

The artists also called on the world to unite, assist and support the Japanese which was expected to reawaken from the grievances like Aceh had did.

“May God Almighty protect those who fall victims of the disaster and hopefully the number of victims is not increasing rapidly,” said Fikar W Eda who is also a senior artist in Aceh.

Meanwhile, an Aceh community leader, Ahmad Farhan Hamid, expected the action of this sympathetic art performances can provide moral supports for the Japanese, though only by a variety of poems.

“Hopefully, later on a few Acehnese artists can visit Japan and display various art activities to entertain as well as reviving the spirit of the people in the country,” Farhan said.(ant)

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