Rohingya muslim: Thank you, Aceh

Do you still remember about ‘human boat’ that comes from Rohingya was strand several days ago in Aceh? Now, when their pain doesn’t heal yet and still experience the suppression, they send two thank you letters to Aceh people about the aid that had been given when they were strand in Aceh.

One of letters is on behalf of Arakan National Congress Party and another is on behalf of Burma Rohingya People Association in Unit Emirate Arab were sent to headquarter office of Jamaah Muslimin (Hizbullah) in Cileungsi – Bogor, then it was specially sent to Serambi Indonesia newsdesk.

Jamaah Muslimin (Hizbullah) with Aceh people has ever taken apart in humanitarian mission to help Rohingya Muslim through their delegation in Aceh.

The following is one of letters (had been translated. red) that had sent about their gratitude for Aceh people.


Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb.

We – The Arakan National Congress Party from Arakan, one of politic parties that formed by Rohingya people in Arakan, are looking for justice, human right, democracy, and independent for Rohingya people and all of Arakan people.

We are grateful to all of Jamaah Muslimin (Hizbullah) community in Indonesia for their brotherhood and their kindness toward ‘human boat’ – Rohingya – the people who had lost their rights and who had ever stranded in Indonesia.

We are grateful and sincerely presenting our appreciation and gratitude for all people, organization, Aceh community toward their sympathy who had helped ‘human boat’ – Rohingya who had suffered and stranded in their journey to get blessing place.

We are the minorities of Rohingya from Arakan who have been tyrannized by Burma military regime.

We do not get any aids, neither from inside nor outside of our country. Only in Indonesian Muslim we see hopes that we are looking for.

We do see and certain that as the biggest Muslim country and as democracy country, Indonesia will lead us to head fair and equitable world for all mankind and all Muslim in the world.

Indonesia and its people have moral, humanitarian mission and Islam which are very responsible to lead people toward a better life, more units, and more fairly for all mankind in the world.

We and you will enforce the Islamic unity and the brotherhood of Islam and will reach the more dignified, strongest, and more honorable people.

Thank you.

Best regards, Muslim brotherhood,

Imum Ahmed

ANC Party of Arakan

Cell Ph: +966-563665802


Seputar Aceh



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