Gayo luwak coffee production is about 24 ton/year

Takengon – Production of Gayo luwak coffee in two regencies; Middle Aceh and Bener Meriah was estimated about 24 ton a year based on merchants calculation. Coffee beans which come from civet feces are averagely produced about one or two tons monthly in local market or national and international market.

General Secretary of Organic Gayo Luwak Coffee – Zam Zam Mubarak said that 24 ton/year of green beans from luwak coffee product was got from earning or collected beans by association member.

“If we want to look for real data about how much coffee luwak production in two regencies, it can be said that is nothing. It’s due to valid data is not available. One of causes is because luwak coffee has never been taken its retribution,” Zam Zam said.

Another constraint is luwak coffee marketing because it has no certification yet for coffee which comes from civet feces thus there is no guarantee about its quality and its originality.

However, the luwak coffee demands still in under control. The previous luwak coffee marketing process is merely based on belief between distributor and consumer. Price of luwak green coffee is about 400 thousands rupiah until 600 thousands rupiah per kilogram.

Moreover, luwak coffee which is loved by foreign market is from wild product not from breeding. Based on quality, Zam Zam added that wild luwak coffee is better than luwak coffee by breeding. In addition, now, luwak or civet population is decreasing in wildlife because it was hunted for breeding requirement.

One of solutions, Zam zam said that he urge the regional government to build civet yard in this coffee production area. “Other effects by building  the civet yard are for coffee luwak production necessary and for tourism area,” Zam Zam Mubarak explained.[]

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