In 2015, Medco will produce gas again

Banda Aceh – In the middle of lack of Arun natural gas stock issue in North Aceh regency, Aceh Province is ascertained that it has new gas source which is ready to produce in 2015. That gas source is located in Alue Ie Mirah, Kuta Binjai subdistrict – East Aceh.

The gas source is newly discovered by natural oil and gas company – Medco Energy International Company. It is planned that in this last year or early in 2013, Medco will start the natural oil and gas exploration in East Aceh.

Senior Manager of Relations of PT Medco Energi – Joang Laksanto said that if the survey result show that East Aceh is positively has gas, thus, Aceh will start produce gas in 2015.

“It means that Aceh gas is not run out of gas but in different location,” Joang said that accompanied by External Relation and Communication of Medco Energy International Company – Arfiandy Djafaar in leisure chance when break fasting with journalist in Banda Aceh on Tuesday, July 31.

It was reported that Medco have operated in Aceh since 2006 and had survey to make sure about gas contents Aceh. For initial treatment, Medco had invested about more than 100 million US dollar.

In addition, now, Medco is exploring one of gas well. After land acquisition process, exploring towards other well will conducted as well.

Held the tender

To fulfill gas production necessity, Medco will conduct the tender toward exploration process. That tender is not using region fund but special fund from Medco Energy International Company.

Nowadays, Medco Company is finishing several preparation of natural oil and gas exploration in East Aceh and exploration is planned to begin on September 2012. Gas supply for Pupuk Iskandar Muda Company is able conducted after exploration process had finished which had been planned in 2013. “Medco Energy International Company continuously prepare every infrastructure requirement include build several wells to produce gas in East Aceh,” Joang said.

Joan added that for supporting company activities in Aceh which had got the permission from Governor and mayor. Medco Company will build production facilities which still in tender process.

The company had prepared to conduct the first exploration and they had signed contract until 2031 by targeting production about 17 years. By operating Medco Company in East Aceh, it will give good effect for that region development especially in job opportunity for people and increase region income and also other benefit.

Furthermore, even Medco company doesn’t product yet but CSR program to help East Aceh generation had been conducted include scholarship awarding for 14 senior high school graduation to continue their study at university in Java Island.

Then, they also provide fund for East Aceh general hospital and other aids to help people around company location especially to develop people economy.

It is reported that Medco Company will open recruitment for local university graduation to be employee in Medco Company. The first step will accept about 80 people with standard rules. “We are commit to hire local labor,” Joang said.[]

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