400 thousand applications in App Store have never been downloaded

Jakarta – there are many Apple applications that are not used. It seems by iTunes App Store which has about 600 thousand applications collection. Apparently, it’s about 400 thousand applications have never been downloaded by user.

CEO of Adeven – Christian Henschel said that there are about 400 thousand applications which have never been used by user or only 60% of total number of applications.

“It is merely  few thousand from total 600 thousand applications which is really downloaded, it is significant enough in App Store,” he explained as cited by Arena Phone.

Since there is no a proper mechanism of browser system in App Store, one of the ways to get attention is by showing the web at the top list in App Store.

Consequently, Adeven has promoted free service of analysa Apptrace which is collecting iOS application data from 155 countries that support App Store. That will specifically determine an application from all application that available in App Store.[]

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