Aceh sets up counter terrorism unit

Banda Aceh–The Aceh province has become a strategic hideout for a terrorist group, Governor Zaini Abdullah said in a statement on Wednesday (8/8/2012).

It should be kept in mind that Aceh is one of the strategic areas used as a hideout by a terrorist group, Aceh regional secretary Teuku Setia Budi said while reading a statement from the governor at a function organized to set up the Terrorism Prevention Communication Forum (FKPT).

The governor also pointed out that the mountainous region of Aceh Besar district had been used as a base for the military training of terrorists in March 2010.

Fortunately, the training activity was stopped and some of the terrorists arrested, but that does not imply that the terrorism movement in Aceh has ceased to exist, Governor Abdullah said.

It is therefore important for the people of Aceh to unite for this cause, and FKPT will act as a catalyst in strengthening this united front.

Indonesia can be free from terrorists if it harbors this spirit of togetherness, he said.

The governor also said that FKPT`s presence in the region can help security officials prevent any acts of terrorism.

“The FKPT is expected to foster togetherness and harmony among the people of Aceh to make them understand that terrorists are our common enemies,” he added.

Governor Abdullah said he also hoped the FKPT can form a strategic partnership with the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) in a bid to prevent the emergence of radicalism in the province.

The FKPT needs to raise the people`s awareness and empower them to detect the possible emergence of radical groups in the area.

The FKPT can help evolve local wisdom and manage radicalism through the education of religion and culture, adoption of a community approach, and through economic empowerment, the governor said.(Antara)

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