Alumni of MANDALA year 2006 breaking fast and reunion in Ramadan 1433H

breaking fast of alumni Islamic Senior High School numb. 2 Langsa

Breaking fast of alumni Islamic Senior High School numb. 2 Langsa

Langsa — This is a yearly tradition when Ramadan comes. Many people love togetherness, it seems when Ramadan comes, many of them breaking fast together with friends, family, or colleagues. This is not a new comer tradition. Fortunately for restaurant’s owner, they can get high profit during Ramadan.

This phenomenon looked from last 20 days in Ramadan. People who want to make their agenda must order at least a week before the time. It is pretty different with alumni of MANDALA that made agenda of breaking fast at a house in order to appear clannish on August 9, 2012.

Madrasah Aliyah Number 2 or more familiar with MANDALA is an Islamic senior high school built in 1998 is the second state Islamic senior high school in Langsa. It located in Kampong Teungoh firstly before move to integrated Islamic school in Paya Bujok Bromo.Zainab M. Mukhtar, S.Pd.I as Mandala’s headmaster urged that alumni should keep this togetherness. In a little speech Zainab added “there is no ex teacher or ex student, you are my student forever and we are exactly your teacher. There is ex boyfriend or girlfriend but not in relationship between teacher and student”. She highly appreciated to this agenda so that can be a model to others.

Obviously this was the first breaking fast long after graduated in 2006 that was made at one of their house. For this Ramadan we made it at Zakiul’s house, it is pretty different with previous agenda that made in restaurant. Muhammad Mukhlis as program coordinator added. Because of this agenda was made in a house, we invited some teachers in order to appear clannish to alumni that not certainly can meet each other every year. We successfully invited about more 60 people included alumni and teachers.

This was an awesome year in breaking fast agenda since six year ago, Zakiul added. And we hope next year we can invite more alumni and teachers.[]

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