Aceh Surfing Festival 2016 Held in Kuala Cut Lampuuk Beach

web-banner-asf2016DEPARTMENT of Culture and Tourism of Aceh is going to hold sports tourism activities in 2016 The Aceh Surfing Festival that will be held Saturday and Sunday (10-11 / 12/2016) in Kuala Cut Lampuuk beach, Aceh Besar.

The events that is themed with “Challenges Waves and Enjoy Culture” is not Just bring Surfing Competition for surfers, but Also some other interesting agenda, such as the gathering of across community, flashmob, windsurfing, Rapai and Entertainment, and the typically culinary of Aceh, beulangong soup.

These are disclosed by Head of Department of Culture and Tourism of Aceh, Reza Fahlevi at his office, Friday (11/2/2016).

“Surfing agenda of this year is a bit different from the previous years, in addition to presenting the event Competition, we also want to introduce the potential of tourism object Kuala Cut Lampuuk beach especially and Aceh Besar on generally also can attract interest surfer to try their adrenalin with good waves,” said Reza who was accompanied by Head of Marketing Disbudpar Aceh, Rahmadhani.

Water sports such as surfing, Reza said, also not only be followed by adults, but also will involve young talent that can take advantage of the wave Potential Lampuuk Beach as a tourist attraction further.

“From the information of the committee, this surfing competition has two of classes which is open class and special class, namely grommet for children under 16 Years that is certainly interesting to watch their agility challenges the waves,” he said.

Meanwhile, executive secretary of Aceh Surfing Festival 2016, Nasrul, said that the target of surfing competition participant for this time is 50 people included open classes and grommets.

“We open generally for surfing competition participant, either for local surfer in Aceh or outside Aceh that total of 50 people, where they will be doing the preliminary start on December 10th and go to the final on December 11th, at once from peak of the events that will be fighting for tens of millions , “he explained.

Not only that, for the participant who qualified for the final, said Nasrul, the committee will also provide a number of door prizes.

“We want this surfing festival can excite surfer to keep competing and also being a silaturrahmi event. So, everybody can feel the atmosphere of fun for participant and for the spectator with several agendas that has prepared by the committee,” his hoped.

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