Microsoft Social Network Site “Socl” Now In Beta

Microsoft’s own social network site called “Socl” is now in beta, meaning it’s getting closer to becoming a full-fledged social network website very soon, according to a report.

Microsoft “Socl” incorporates the Windows 8 “tile-like” look, emphasizing the use of images in searching and sharing. Users can find other people through posts, galleries, or someone else’s page.

“Socl” was quietly launched by Microsoft back in July of 2011 as an experiment in social search for students and learning. Since then the site has evolve into a place where people connect over shared interests expressed through beautiful post collages.

Some new recent changes were also made to “Socl” to make it more user-friendly in regards to sections on posts, interests, people/me and parties.

For sure things are going to be more competitive and exciting with the addition of “Socl” in the social network scene. That being said, Pinterest and Facebook, watch out!


Facebook is currently the top network and counts over a billion members. I guess there will be a time when the number of subscribers they have will make them even bigger than the most populous country in the world, China.

They have a number of competitors, among them Google Plus but I think the latter is not getting traction or growth despite being backed by Google. What is interesting is that Microsoft seems to have released its own social network. It is called Socl (short for social, I guess) at

I tried it and I sort of got confused because Microsoft’s site is different from what Google Plus or Facebook is trying to do. In fact, it does not try to replace Twitter or Facebook, but rather complement it. You can even log in using your Facebook account. So far, there are some interesting tidbits here and there, but it looks like it’s a little bit random and therefore, you can end up going here and there and wasting time.

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