CES 2014: Intel’s Edison Micro-Chip So Tiny It Can Go Anywhere

Intel's Edison (wccftech.com)The Consumer Electronics Show 2014 stood out for the overwhelming gadgets the event put up on show. It featured pills with the ability to record one’s temperature while passing through one’s body, smart socks with built-in sensors that monitor running performance, clothes with shoulder-pads that vibrate to give you directions and activity trackers for one’s dog, among many other impressive gadgets.

Far-fetched as they may sound, small is the future. Chip maker Intel is very keen on taking the idea to a whole new level with tech you can wear and which is self-contained, free from the shackles of the current generation, such as a blue-tooth connection to a smartphone which does most of the thinking for it.

Intel is introducing a processor called Edison, something so small that could be fitted into anything. Edison is an entire processor the size of an SD card. It is bound to be released this Summer, and this may well lead to a whole new generation of truly portable, thinking devices.

Intel’s President, Renee James argues that in Intel’s vision of the future, wearables are simply ‘more pervasive’. She continues to say that the mobile phone is not the end stage but just a ‘mile post on the way’. James remarks that she does not get what the hype about smartwatches is about. She believes something will emerge in wearables but is unsure of what this might be as of yet.

Her concern, as Intel, is security. The greater the technology, the greater the data, which will need to be protected. For this reason, $7.7billion was put on Intel’s purchase of the security firm McAfee.[]


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