FCC chairman to revise net neturality rules

Tom Wheeler, FCC Chairman, will be revising new net neutrality rules.Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler is revising new rules for net neutrality, saying that the commission will not allow companies to offer different tiers of speed for Internet users.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Wheeler will include language in the FCC’s new proposal that would allow the commission to examine deals between broadband companies and content providers to make sure providers aren’t putting certain companies’ services at a disadvantage.

The new language comes after the FCC announced last month a proposal for new rules on Internet traffic that “would allow broadband providers to charge companies a premium for access to their fastest lanes.”

Since unveiling the plan, companies like Netflix and Google, along with a number of prominent tech personalities, have complained that the new rules would effectively turn the Internet into a tiered system where the highest bidders can pay for the fastest service.

There may already be some evidence of what a tiered Internet would look like. Last week, Level 3 communications, one of the largest companies moving traffic around the Web in the U.S. and Europe, accused five U.S.-based Internet service providers and one ISP in Europe of deliberately impeding Internet speed between their network and end users.

The Wall Street Journal says the FCC revisions could be circulated as early as Monday.[]


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