Twitter is Down, but They’re Working on It‎

If you’re a Twitter user, you may have noticed a site disruption today. When I say disruption, I mean that the stream sputtered and finally ground to a halt, links are broken and even the web edition is out of order.

Well, rest assured that Twitter knows something is wrong, and is working to fix the problem. The service has acknowledged the problem on its Status page:

[quote]If you just can’t wait to use Twitter, you can always try the Mobile Portal here, which always seems to stay up during these outages, though even it is being a bit finicky today. You’re welcome.[/quote]

Engineers working on a fix

Just as Google was able to restore service to Google Talk, Twitter has gone down for many users. The company acknowledged the issue on its site status page, saying that engineers were working hard on a fix. There’s no word on when it’ll be back up, but this marks the second major service interruption for the site in the last month. There’s a small ray of hope, though — we’ve successfully sent out a tweet through Twitter’s mobile site. If you desperately need a fix, feel free to give that a shot.

The Next Web/The Verge

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